2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe Price, Specs

With no doubt, the 2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe is yet another prove that BMW is one of the best automakers in the world. The BMW manufacturer has been working day and night to meet their client’s taste and also the market demand. With the spy shots, we are comfortable that 2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe will hit the market with a thud, just like its previous generations. Now that we have our series in series we anticipate the 8-series to wear more impressive style than the 7’s.

2019 BMW 8-Series front view

2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe – Impressive Styling

The 2019 BMW 8-Series will wear more impressive styling than any other of its previous generation. It is anticipated to have a reduced rear decklid and pinched head lights for a sleek appearance, the roof rear has been redesigned and the wheelbase shortened to make it more aerodynamic. According to the spy shots, the model has decorative mirrors, a reduced windshield and deleted the B pillar. Additionally, the prototype shows off a significantly longer hood than the 6- series. Therefore, the 2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe is a suitable competitor for the Mercedes-Benz S-class style wise.

According to a reliable source, the 2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe has interesting features in the interior, for maximum comfort. Some of the features on its dashboard are the multi-functionality controls, the three-spike, the timber trim, aluminum insert and the middle gaming system. Besides, on the sides of the console, there will be two big and extremely comfortable, adjustable seats covered with high-quality leather- based.

The 2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe also comes with a detachable tablet used to control everything from, the infotainment to the air conditioner. Other features include: the Bowers, Wilkins precious stone around the audio system with 16 speaker’s systems and have 1, 400 watts.

2019 BMW 8-Series interior

2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe – Engine Expectations

The BMW may use the 7-series powertrain for this model. This is because most of the 7-series engine are likely to fit in the 8-series’ engine bay. However, they may include some more features such as the 740e plug-in hybrid, 4 cylinder/electric combo or the Europe’s diesel 4 cylinder 730i. The powerful 740l’s twin-turbocharged inline six or the 750is powerful twin –turbocharged V8 would be a good choice. However, to keep in line with this sporty, two doors 8-series model, the 7s powerful twin-turbocharged V-12 is the best.

According to a reliable source, the BMW 8-Series Coupe will offer a V-12 which uses a manual transmission but modern 8 will only us automatic transmission only. The rear-wheel drive will be the standard configuration while the xDrive all four-wheel drive setup is optional.

2019 BMW 8-Series side

2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe – Rumors Date and Expected Price

The BMW is now working on the final touches, suggesting that this model will soon be in the showrooms or an official debut. It should be in the market from mid-2018. This mode will have the starting point of about $80, 000.


Let’s agree, with the current market trend, the new BMW 8-Series Coupe is definitely a good idea that the company finally has a competitor for Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe.

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