Fisker Emotion The new Futuristic Concept

The Fisker Emotion Concept is the latest creation coming from the brilliant mind of Henrik Fisker. This Danish-born designer is best known as the leading designer of some of the most sophisticated cars today, such as the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9.

However, the Fisker is also known for its short-lived Karma concept model, which was among the most innovative electric models back in the early 2010s.

Unfortunately, the Karma concept was a failure, as it sold very poorly. Now, the Fisker is ready to try again with the Emotion concept. The new model will be a true challenger to the Tesla S model.

Fisker Emotion front

Fisker Emotion – Attractive Futuristic Design

The exterior design is fairly reminiscent of some of Fisker’s older designs. The Emotion’s look is meant to emphasize athleticism and aerodynamics. Also, the main focus will be on reducing drag as much as possible and allowing the Emotion to go as fast and far as possible.

Overall, this new concept car features a striking, futuristic design, with highly sculpted surfaces. Its front is dominated by a set of striking and sharp-looking headlights, a very low hood, and a large windshield. In the rear. we will see a narrow trunk opening and some exceptionally wide haunches.

It is also worth mentioning that the trailing edge of the Emotion’s trunk lid will serve as a spoiler as well. When it comes to the materials, there will be an abundance of aluminum and carbon fiber underpinning the design.Interior design,

Interior Design, Style and Tech

The Fisker Emotion will use four supercar-style doors, so as to help with the ingress and egress. Also, even though the Emotion appears rather small and compact, it will have the interior space worthy of a true sedan.

The company claims that Fisker Emotion will also feature an abundance of high-quality materials and high-end tech.

As far as the materials are concerned, we should expect wood trims, leather, carbon fiber, and polished metal. Tech-wise, there will be a plethora of safety systems, an advanced infotainment suite, and even a fully autonomous driving system.

Fisker Emotion interior

Engine and Performance of the Fisker Emotion

The engine that the Fisker Emotion Concept uses will most likely be its most innovative feature. Even though Fisker originally claimed that the Emotion would use the latest graphene technology, it will sport current lithium-ion battery tech.

However, this redesigned powertrain will still deliver more than 400 miles with a single charge. According to its creator, the Emotion will be capable of reaching a top speed of almost 161 mph.

There are also rumors that the engine will also feature the UltraCharger technology as well. With this tech, the Emotion’s engine will be able to provide an extra 125 miles of range in no more than 9 minutes.

Fisker Emotion rear

Availability and Affordability

So far, there hasn’t been any information regarding the release date for the Fisker Emotion. However, what we do know is that it will cost around $130.000.

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