2018 Honda Avancier will be released in the North America

The Honda Avancier has always been engineered and built for the Chinese market, but a recent report claims that the 2018 Honda Avancier comes to the North American auto bazaar.

Seemingly, the revamped Honda Avancier is a gorgeous crossover SUV flaunting the Honda badge. Although it somewhat reflects the CR-V, it’s a lot more attractive, particularly on the façade. The LED headlights and mesh grille look handsome, while the vents and the bumper improve the impression. The rear hatch points out to an exceptional styling with a pair of C-shaped taillights that read reflectors on corners.

2018 Honda Avancier front

2018 Honda Avancier – Large Grille with big LED Headlights

The 2018 Honda Avancier front fascia has a large grille with big LED headlights alongside a silver bumper insert. The roofline reflects that of a coupe, making this crossover look bold and vigorous. C-shaped SUV taillights can be seen at the back. In addition to this, red reflectors, chrome underscore and housetop rails grace the rear end. Inside the cabin of the reshaped

The cabin of the reshaped 2018 Honda Avancier is an excellent work of art aiming to make everything comfortable for the driver and passengers. It accommodates up to five passengers. The seats are made out of natural leather, and so are the door trim panels, facility console and dashboard.

The dash houses numerous tools such as a speedometer, tachometer, and a six-inch program display sandwiched between the two. Also, the car features a push button ignition beneath the A/C duct. The dashboard is cleaner and conveys fewer buttons courtesy of a large display available for control.

Among the luxurious elements rendered include trip zone heating and air conditioning, warmed & aerated seats, digital handbrake, and a beautiful roof. A touchscreen display and cup holders are also available.

2018 Honda Avancier interior

Engine Specifications

Under the hood of the 2018 Honda Avancier is a 2.0-liter Sports Turbo four-cylinder powertrain. The engine is expected to be hooked to a transmission higher than six-speed, with various reports claiming it comes with an eight-speed automatic. The Honda comes with the All-Wheel Drive option as standard. We have no information regarding the fuel economy.

2018 Honda Avancier rear

Launch Date and Cost

Although it is unconfirmed, we expect the 2018 Honda Avancier to be featured during the 2018 LA Auto Show and Detroit Motor Show. It is likely to go to the dealership by mid-2018.

The entry-level Honda Avancier model will have the starting price of around $38,000. Stay tuned as we liaise with our trusted allies at Honda for more useful information concerning this inbound Honda Avancier. We will be updating this space as more info becomes available.

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