2018 Honda Prelude Concept, Rumors

Finally, we can expect the comeback of the Prelude model as 2018 Honda Prelude. As we know, this model was produced from 1978 to 2001. However, the production was stopped in 2001 with the introduction of Honda Integra DC5. Almost 16 years without seeing a renovated model, but now, everything is changed. The lovers and enthusiast of Honda vehicles can be very satisfied because Company finally says that we can expect restart of this remarkable car. This model will be available as the concept car next year and compared to its predecessor, this model will be much better of course. Actually, we can’t compare model from 2001 and model from 2018, so you can expect something really different.

2018 Honda Prelude

2018 Honda Prelude – Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of this model will be remarkable. As we know, almost every Company now uses light materials in the chassis construction, and that is especially represented in the sporty models. The same case we can expect with the newly 2018 Honda Prelude.

In order to save some weight, but importantly to improve aerodynamics and overall performance of the vehicle, the entire chassis will be constructed with high usage of lightweight materials. We can expect aluminum and even carbon fiber in some parts. Also, this model will be of course much more stylish compared to its predecessor. We can expect clearly defined lines and curves and that will give elegant look to the car. At the sides, this model will have 19-inch aluminum wheels. Also, the bumper at the front side is quite massive. The headlights will be powered by LED technology, just like the other lighting on the vehicle. The headlights are thin, but the taillights are large. The 2018 Honda Prelude will also provide newly grille with the small Honda logo in the middle.

Cabin Features

When it comes to the cabin, the new Honda Prelude will provide more comfortable and convenient interior design. We can expect some redesigns inside, but at this moment, everything is in the fog. Everything is based on speculations but is quite sure that we can expect the introduction of some newly systems and high-tech features. The dash will be most likely elegantly and simply designed, and we can expect features such as navigation, infotainment system, Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity, modern air condition, and many others as well. When it comes to comfort, probably all the seats will be wrapped in the high-quality leather.

2018 Honda Prelude interior

2018 Honda Prelude – VTEC-Turbocharged Engine

The 2018 Honda Prelude will be equipped with the VTEC-turbocharged engine. This engine will be mated to a 6-speed manual transmission system. The other possibility will be the V6 engine. The front wheel drive type is available, while there is a possibility of all-wheel drive type.

2018 Honda Prelude – Expected Release Date and Price

The release date of this model will be most likely in the second half of this year. Speaking of prices, the manufacturer is not yet reviled it.

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