2018 Honda s2000 Release Date, Specs and Price

According to recent rumors from a Japanese magazine, the 2018 Honda S2000 will come totally redesigned, and it will take its place between the S660 and NSX. The mere thought of a mid-engine sports car from Honda is enough to set one’s imaginations racing. So, news about the new 2018 Honda s2000 has naturally resulted in a lot of excitement. The Honda launched the very first s2000 on its 50th anniversary, and so it’s highly likely to expect a new s2000 on its 70th birthday. The Honda will look to capture the same fan following and cult status that its previous creation succeeded in acquiring.

2018 Honda s2000 front

2018 Honda s2000 – The new Design Elements

The very little facts are known about what new design elements Honda will incorporate. But expect this new 2018 Honda s2000 to be based on a completely new theme, and everything will feature a futuristic touch.

The concept photos show a sleek roadster with very prominent angular lines all across its body. Its front fascia gives out an intimidating aerodynamic outlook, with thin LED headlights and large air vents that wrap around the sides. Furthermore, the new stylish aluminum wheels that expand to the sides will further add to this Honda’s overall appeal.

The Honda is most likely to use aluminum and carbon fiber to make this roadster a lightweight performance vehicle. Weight shedding can very well make this new car weigh less than 3000 pounds, which is will greatly enhance fuel economy.

Interior Features

The new model 2018 Honda s2000 will house a pair of premium Recaro racing seats. Its dashboard will include an entirely digitized information display with ample ambient lighting. However, the customers can expect to get a flat-bottomed steering wheel that will also be button mounted. The Honda will introduce all these design changes with a primary goal of making this roadster sportier.

A brand new infotainment system will come loaded to provide a smoother user interface. Other add-on features might include a newly designed center console that houses a touch-enabled display screen.


The Japanese carmakers take driver and passenger safety very seriously. So, expect this new 2018 Honda s2000 edition to come loaded with smart safety gadgets. These additions might include an advanced driver and passenger airbag system for minimizing injury in case a collision takes place.

The standard traction control with limited slip differential will further help drivers in controlling their roadster on hostile road conditions. Sensors fitted to the front and back will provide rapid real-time information about vehicles and traffic nearby.

Expect this sports car to come with an intuitive advanced braking system that provides drivers with absolute control while cruising at higher speeds. A camera mounted rear park assistance system might also come loaded with the 2018 Honda s2000.

2018 Honda s2000 interior

Engine Rumors

Under the hood, expect this new 2018 Honda s2000 to house a new engine segment. Some car magazines claim that the 2.0-liter petrol engine from Honda Civic Type-R will feature in this new roadster. But the Honda is yet to supply any official information regarding the engine specifications.

Most pundits expect to see a completely newly constructed turbocharged petrol unit that will produce close to 240 HP of power. This model will house an electrically driven supercharger; which will greatly enhance fuel economy. A new eight-speed dual clutch automatic transmission will help the new engine setup in transferring power. Along with this, there is a slight chance of getting a manual transmission as an option.

Price and Release Date

The Honda are yet to release any concrete details on when or where this vehicle will make its debut. But going by speculations made by some motor magazines, enthusiasts can expect this mid-engine roadster to enter American markets by early 2018 or later. As of now, no one can claim with absolute clarity as to when Honda will release the sports car.

According to some speculations, the customers can expect this roadster to cost around $50,000 or more. The final payable price will solely depend on which variant a customer chooses to buy.

In conclusion, it seems that the 2018 Honda s2000 is a car that is shrouded in mystery and anticipation. Expectation about the Honda’s latest stallion is a testimony of the amount of popularity and fan following this car garners.

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