2019 Honda Fit Rumors, Hybrid

The recent rumors and speculations have it that the 2019 Honda Fit arrives in the United States in the second quarter of next year. While several stories about this model have previously existed in online channels and forums, perhaps it is still early to gauge whatever the new model has in store for us. Honda Fit has been one of the most favorite vehicles out there due to its hybrid motor.

We anticipate an array of significant updates in the inbound Honda Fit model. The Japanese manufacturer is set to adjust various features ranging from design styling all the way to engine specs. We expect dozens of extra components inside and outside of this vehicle, in addition to an updated engine that guarantees the best possible performance.

2019 Honda Fit front

2019 Honda Fit – Exterior and Interior Styling

The 2019 Honda Fit arrives at the auto bazaar next year with a revised front as well as a remodeled roofing spoiler. Its headlights will undergo a minor update, and the company intends to supplement them with the latest Guided technologies. The redesigned Honda Fit is likely to ride on new lightweight 16-inch alloy wheels.

When it comes to the interior, the vehicle manufacturer has promised to make some important adjustments. Its interior will be roomy so that it can suit adult passengers at the back. This vehicle will sport the best technologies characterizing the world’s high-end cars.
Standard equipment packages will include revised touchscreen and navigation systems.

The carmaker will utilize the most up-to-date scientific features to build the interior of the 2019 Honda Fit. We are likely to find such features as a Wireless Bluetooth, seven-inch monitor, the navigation program, Universal Serial Bus slot, and air-conditioning unit among other modern tech elements.

The cabin of this vehicle will include high-end supplies, including light-weight aluminum and soft plastic materials. The new brand will acquire premium quality chairs for absolute comfort and ease of use. The 2019 Honda Fit has been designed to improve your driving experience, as the manufacturer has elevated its engine and cabin.

2019 Honda Fit interior

2019 Honda Fit – Powertrain Details

The 2019 Honda Fit will come with few engine variants. The first one is a 1.5-liter direct injected engine which generates 130-hp and 114-lb.ft of torque. This engine setup leverages a conventional 6-speed transmission, although the CVT will come as an option in some models.

A certain Japanese publication mentioned that another variant of the next Honda Fit would get a 1.0-liter turbo-three engine, which is in use at the moment on the Honda Civic. The same report claims the engine yields about 125 horsepower and slightly above 114-lb.ft of torque. The next Honda Fit could also bring a 1.5-liter hybrid drivetrain when it finally lands at the dealers next year.

2019 Honda Fit side

2019 Honda Fit – Release Date and MSRP

As mentioned earlier in this post, the 2019 Honda Fit arrives in the United States in the second half of next year. The base models will start at nearly $16,000 while more-equipped variants would fetch up to $21,000. Note that this vehicle will guarantee the best comfort you need during your ride.

It will include several top airbags and Smart Ventura side pockets for the best safety and security on the road. Additionally, it has the best electrical stability handling, Hillside Starting assist, and integrated contra-locking braking system. All these features ensure that you remain in your lane to avoid a possible collision.

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