Mercedes GLS 2018 Spy Photos

The German automaker, Mercedes, is progressively heading towards a new generation of crossover cars with recent reports claiming that Mercedes GLS 2018 is underway. The new model will not only receive a new architecture but also sheds some extra weight to improve the fuel economy. Overall, though, the new Mercedes GLS lays emphasis on the off-road skills so as to improve mileage.

Mercedes GLS 2018 front

Mercedes GLS 2018 – Sporty Styling:

Along with the new name, the car will get a revised interior and exterior, new 9-speed automatic transmission and available air suspension. Also, the plans are in place to raise ground clearance on the new SUV to augment its off-road abilities.  The new SUV offers a greater wheelbase length and drops the additional weight by up to 300 lbs. Furthermore, the wheel dimensions for the base models are 20 inches, with higher tiers reaching 21 and 22 inches. According to plans, these changes are intended to raise the mileage by around 20 percent.

Exterior Design:

The new Mercedes GLS model highlights a modern and aggressive look. It has larger dimensions, which means lightweight alloys like carbon fiber are used in building its body to contain the net weight. Its elongated hood is accompanied by slender and broad pentagonal grille that bears the company logo at the center. The outer segment of the new Mercedes GLS also boasts angular LED headlight that is sleek and narrow.


The Mercedes GLS 2018 model has a cabin that is both comfortable and overly luxurious. Its cabin presents an excellent seating arrangement that accommodates up to seven adult passengers in comfort. The passengers seated in front may not get an adequate head room and leg room space, but rear seated passengers get ample space for anything. Its interior portion is a true definition of comfort and luxury. The spacious cabin also houses soft quality materials alongside world-class upholstery in the seats. Besides, tons of cool technologies and accessories alongside many modern amenities grace the better part of the interior.

The automaker has included many features that are simple to modify to suit specific goals and prerequisites. The most notable features in the interior include excellent infotainment system, heating or cooling double cup holders, magic sky sunroof, optional refrigerator, seatbelts, cruise control, airbags, Bluetooth connectivity, WI-FI hotspot, and also parking assistance.

Mercedes GLS 2018 interior

Mercedes GLS 2018 – Engine Variants:

The new Mercedes GLS 2018 carries a 3.0-liter diesel-powered V-6 engine under its hood. This engine churns out 255 hp and 455 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm, with EPA ratings standing in the mid-20-mpg range. For those concerned about power than fuel economy, the GLS450 model carries a more powerful V-6 engine with 362 HP, while the GLS550 highlights a twin-turbo 4.7-literV-8 engine that churns out 449 horsepower. And the final and the strongest GLS63 AMG comes with 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produce amazing 577 HP. All these engines come standard with a 4Matic all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes GLS 2018 rear

Mercedes GLS 2018 – Release Date, Price, and Rivals:

Finally, the upcoming Mercedes GLS 2018 is slated for release somewhere in the middle of the calendar year 2017. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for basic crossover model stands at around $69,000. Its main rivals include the Range Rover, BMW X7 and Bentley Bentayga.

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