2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird – The Legend Is Born

After a seemingly endless wait and following countless leaked details, the all new 2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird is set for the next year. Even though Pony is not in business for a long time, it is expected to see one more model in the market. It’s all down to athletic design, inspiring dynamism and high efficiency. The Pontiac’s muscles are usually the art of progress. Beautifully expressed in visual form. The exclusive materials and finished with succinct standards. A resurrection of the Firebird name from 1967 plays right into a renewed horsepower war. The high-performance automobile offering spectacular acceleration and handling comes again to compete with her arch-rivals.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird front view

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird – The Modern Retro Touch

The redesigned headlights of the new 2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird with LED technology and sophisticated side sills indicates the new trends deployed by Pontiac. Not just a passenger compartment, but also an intelligent interior concept. The electronic power aided steering and hands-free capabilities embrace the driver, giving a finesse of Pony touch. Furthermore, the advanced airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and trailblazing ABS give a sense of security.

The air from the front bumper combined with the scene on the front arch increases the stability, while a great outlet of air moving through the front foot pad and around the vehicle to generate downforce. This kind of bumper, especially front looks different from the predecessors. This symbol of all Classic-American look would be the fifth generation most likely excites the people with the sportiness of its exterior.

The lip on the rear spoiler of the 2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird optimizes the aerodynamic load makes the vehicle as if it is sliding in skateboards. The distinctive leather finish on the steering wheel and sports seats are an undeniable eye-catcher. The dynamic overall impression enhances the appetite for unadulterated driving sensations.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird interior

Engine and Transmission

The intensity at the very first glance. Power is the motive. Thanks to the Pontiac’s powerful V-8 5.0 liters supercharged engine unleashes with 420 HP and 390 lb-ft of torque, the new 2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird is expected to deliver 15 mpg in city and 31 mpg on the highway. Futuristic suspension package is ready to offer appropriate tight handling characteristics.
While with all the specifications in mind, this animal would become hungry for the fuel. But it is designed with uncompromising fuel economy & power will categories as best in the class. The six-speed manual transmission sets new benchmarks in comfort and dynamic performance of the 2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird. With uncompromising power and without sacrificing the fuel economy, this stylish animal would round off with breathtaking performance.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird rear view

Release Date and Manufacturer’s Price

The release date of the 2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird will be in the middle of 2018. The price will be available when it arrives the showroom.

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