2018 Toyota FT-4X Concept

The recent reports have it that the 2018 Toyota FT-4X presents the trademark of the next-gen version of Toyota FJ Cruiser. It uses the FT acronym to denote future Toyota concepts, which is why the new edition is named Toyota FT. The car also brings a fresh design, powerful engine options, and state-of-the-art infotainment features.

Apparently, the Toyota puts things as succinctly as possible. The automaker simply states that the FT-4X is designed for those who love spur-of-the-moment adventures. However, the concept derives inspirations from the “rugged charm” philosophy.

The supposed philosophy is all about inherent capability, design simplicity, durability, lineage, and charm. No doubt, the 2018 Toyota FT-4X embodies all these five attributes under one roof.

2018 Toyota FT-4X front

2018 Toyota FT-4X – Modern Styling and Appearance

The exterior section of next-gen Toyota FT-4X conveys a modern styling and appearance. It maintains the square-looking design while presenting a new hostile look. At the front, we expect newly designed headlights and bumpers. Also, side wings are completely reformed.

In comparison to the previous version, the 2018 Toyota FT-4X possesses a slimmer figure. It measures 167.3 inches long, 71.7 inches wide and 63.9 inches high. The revamped model also offers two side doors alongside one rear door. We also are likely to see different color combinations.

The front grille is restructured to bring a unique appearance. But, the shape of side mirrors remains unaltered. The overall design is not only remarkably amazing but also enticing. This off-road machine supplies entirely modified and redesigned features that complement its hostile look.

Interior Design

The interior region of Toyota FT-4X is modified and refurbished to appease its buyers. Its cab is designed to guarantee maximum comfort and relaxation. It has large seats that feature the best adjustment options in the industry. Due to the use of the soft material in upholstery, seats are durable and comfortable.

Furthermore, inside you will find an updated dashboard that offers the finest look. The panel highlights functional touchscreen and keypad. There is advanced heating and cooling system inside the cabin. Previous models showcased obsolete interior. Thus, the Toyota FT-4X strives to change the game completely.

The compartment unit has a variety of infotainment products, including the touchscreen display, USB ports, speakers, Bluetooth, WIFI connectivity, and much more. Furthermore, we expect to find better safety and security elements within the cabin. These may comprise parking sensors, seat belts, lane control and also a cruise control.

2018 Toyota FT-4X interior

Engine Options and Specs of the 2018 Toyota FT-4X

The 2018 Toyota FT-4X will from some rumors presents different engine options. It is likely to feature V6 and four-cylinder unit as the first engine option. All engines will come equipped with a six-speed manual transmission.

For now, there are no official words about engine specs.

2018 Toyota FT-4X rear

Date of Arrival and Price

The value and release date for the 2018 Toyota FT-4X edition yet to be announced. The car manufacturers are always keen not to expose everything concerning their new releases. However, our spy birds suggested that the next-gen Toyota FT-4X makes debut in the first quarter of the calendar year 2018. Finally, the expected value is somewhere in the region of $30,000.

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