2019 Toyota Supra First Spy Photos

To retain its name as a leading sports car, the 2019 Toyota Supra comes with improved aerodynamics thereby reducing drag. Chiefly seen as drift vehicle this legendary flagship model promises to win many hearts and if sources are to be believed the new vehicle is no exception. Rumors have it that this new car will also sport the turbocharged engine albeit a more powerful one for its competitors. This heavily tunable (customizable) vehicle was discontinued after Toyota scrapped plans to continue its production. Rather it decided to concentrate on the other models which produce better fuel efficiency and riding comfort. Although this new vehicle retains the Supra badge, rumors opine that it will sport BMW inline 6 engine.

2019 Toyota Supra front

2019 Toyota Supra – Feature Overview

The 2019 Toyota Supra might borrow many of its appearance and powertrain functions from Toyota’s FT-1 concept vehicle. The last production model was known for its simplistic design and exceptional performance which led to its ever-rising popularity.

The spy shots reveal that this new vehicle is extremely curvy and although it does not resemble the older model, it surely is a unique piece. The newer designs for front headlamps and protruded frontal column surely set a benchmark quite high for competitors to catch on.

This vehicle comes with sports seats and leather interiors with an aluminum-trimmed body. Aiming to recover consumer trust on this vehicle, the Toyota masters its exceptional engineering techniques and plans to re-launch.

Will 2019 Toyota Supra be track ready?

This flagship vehicle from Toyota created the stir among potential car lovers back in the late 1990’s. With the adjustable suspension and advanced braking systems, it was a well-known face on tracks as well as on the road.

The new 2019 Toyota Supra, however, expresses its bias towards the FT-1 concept along with minor additions. The prototype vehicle might borrow many of its Formula-1 brother’s features including split intake and toned down structure. Additionally, to aid in improved aerodynamics, the Toyota might consider fitting larger wings and allowing lesser space for lights to fit in.

Although still in its later stages of development, the mighty 2019 Toyota Supra may include its styling language from its predecessor GT86 albeit being more aggressive. Although this does not guarantee its inclusion as a track ready vehicle, it might carry GT badge.

2019 Toyota Supra side

Expected Powertrain Options

The rumors have it that it may borrow a V-10 hybrid engine from Lexus LFA while others suggest the inclusion of smaller turbocharged engines. The growling heard from the prototype’s hood suggests that it might be a V6. Expect the 2019 Toyota Supra to churn more responsive engine and even more responsive brakes and accelerator. Although Toyota has not mentioned anything about including petrol engines, experts suggest that the auto-giant might consider building one.

2019 Toyota Supra rear

Competition, Pricing and Release Date

Similar in many respects to the Acura NSX, the 2019 Toyota Supra faces tough competition from this Japanese supercar. Apart from this, the BMW Z4 and the rumored Z5 also rings the bell for this new Supra. The price is still unknown. Some sources expect this model to be available towards the tail end of 2017 or early 2018.

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