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What Is The Mode Of Operation For Electronic Logging Devices?


An electronic logging device is a gadget that is useful for tracking the working hours of a car and the period in which the engine has been operating. The central device location is at the heart of the vehicle. It is commonly known as an ELD. The equipment is mandatory for all commercial drivers to be able to keep a consistent and accurate record of duty status, RODS. The regulation is as per the hours of service compliances, HOS. Apart from tracking the working hours of drivers, another important use of the device is to allow a driver to log in and select if they are on duty, off duty, or on a mission but not necessarily driving.

Function Of The ELD.

An efficient electronic logging device should be able to allow for clear transmission of the information to the relevant law enforcement unit. The kind of data should be in a standard format that you can send through Bluetooth, USB, or via a wireless web service. Furthermore, when purchasing the device, ensure you get one that is certified to work efficiently by meeting all the proper requirements. In other instances, an ELD can quickly help a driver get information of any faults on the vehicle since it can diagnose the faults by sending different codes. Your location is also available on the board for better guidance during driving.

Mode Of Operation.

The device works by getting access to all the information on the vehicles onboard diagnostics, OBD, port. It then sends the data immediately from the engine. The action can take place whether the motor is working or not. Relevant information includes the amount of fuel used and how long the vehicle was in motion. Since it has an inbuilt GPS, the device helps in providing the exact location of the car in real-time. Furthermore, ELD has gyroscopes and accelerometers. The two features are vital because they detect movement of the vehicle and provide the driver with clear visibility to avoid the occurring of issues like harsh braking or turning while the path isn’t clear.

Transferring Of Data.

Since the ELD is a mandatory aspect for vehicles, you will be prone to be pulled over by roadside inspection officers for them to confirm if you are adhering to the regulations or not. After confirming that you have the device, they will ask to review the data as per your ELD. The relevant data will involve your movements for the past seven days to ensure no violations occurred during those days. Using the transferring methods as mentioned earlier, the inspector will need to share the information with their gadget for proper verifications. Of the three modes of sharing data, the wireless is the quickest and most effective among the others. Therefore, as per regulations, drivers are highly advised to use this channel and not the other two.

Although the primary function of ELD is to keep track of vehicles working hours, it is also beneficial to the drivers. It eliminates the stress of having to find out your exact location because of the GPS in it. Furthermore, you suffer less risk of making instant breaks, which might lead to significant accidents.

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